Street Art Revolutionaries Exhibit: HOODSY

Artists from Chicago’s south side neighborhoods, Ricardo Gonzalez, Matthew Silva and Vicente Jasso, have joined forces to present a collection of artwork focusing on personal interpretations of what they define as their ‘hoods.’ Aptly titled “HOODSY,” the unique exhibition features pieces by The CHUP, JASSO and NACO.

HOODSY debuts Saturday, July 18 at Cultura in Pilsen located at 1900 S. Carpenter, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

In this current collection, artwork reveals the varied levels of attraction for things that are a bit “HOODSY.” The exhibition displays the work of three artists with a parallel interest in creation and locations. لعبة poker  The artwork will reflect narratives, symbols, and memories of the artists in regards to the varied communities. The three artists have been connected by an interest in working in urban locations and responding to creative aesthetics associated with them.

The prolific artists have worked on curating, organizing, programing, and creating art projects in the hoods of Blue Island, Gage Park, La Villita/Little Village, Midway, Pilsen, and South Chicago. Artists have a background in murals, street art, screen printing, painting, drawing, teaching, and a general focus on visual art.

About Ricardo Gonzalez aka NACO


The body of my work focuses on concerns with the depictions of Mexican-American identity in the United States. I work on canvas, paper, and various surfaces for murals or paintings. I celebrate, question, and critique various elements used to “brand” culture such as popular iconography, externally imposed generalizations, and tropes. كيف تربح بالروليت

Ricardo “NACO” Gonzalez is an artist from Blue Island, Illinois (near south side Chicago) with a B.F.A. from the American Academy of Art and a current MFA fellowship recipient from Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Gonzalez is a teaching/working artist, he often creates artwork to display in alternative spaces. Gonzalez participates in areas/neighborhoods in which inhabitants may not always get exposure to art. The artist teaches in art centers, schools, and informal spaces to better communicate his abilities and pass along his appreciation for the arts. كازينو في السعودية Ricardo’s work is often visual art, he paints, draws on various surfaces, pastes on public walls, and creates paper mache sculptures/piñatas.

About Matthew Silva aka THE CHUP


My work lives in multiple forms. Everything I create originates from a pencil on graph paper illustration. Which is then recreated as a digital document from there it can branch out to become one or many different forms from screen prints, wheat paste street art, temporary tattoos, stickers or laser engraved in wood. I’m inspired by my neighborhood of Little Village and my family. My work revolves around the presumptions given to Little Village as “dangerous place” and how that puts a shadow on the neighborhood’s residents who are majority Mexican. But at the same time expressing my fears that the misguided evils that infect My community can envelop my loved ones.

About Vicente Jasso aka JASSO


Born in Chicago, Vicente Jasso is one of the leading artists rejuvenating the art scene in one of Chicago’s most traditional and cultural neighborhoods, Little Village. Born and raised in this neighborhood, Vicente absorbed the acute attention to historic Mexican leaders in the arts and political arena which originated his humble beginnings as a street artist through an abstract interpretation of his patriotic admiration of these characters. Subsequently Vicente has refined his own visual and conceptual view of his work that emerged through his focus on cultural identity and social awareness and a love for pop art as well as contemporary and abstract values.

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