Shining a light on our #SXSW2020 artistas

I’ve being going to SXSW every year since 2011, and this year’s cancellation is honestly heartbreaking. It’s really unparalleled as an industry event for its possibilities of taking the pulse of international indie music. قواعد لعبة الروليت The 2020 edition promised us as usual, an abundant feast of the finest of nuestra música and artists that with enormous efforts and lots of blood, sweat and tears were planning to share their art with us.

In the light of the uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus and its transmission in large crowds and the recommendation of Austin city health officials, South By Southwest cancelled, dealing a blow to all of us, but the loss will be especially felt by the international creative community and the local supporters and services that counted on the 400K attendees.

So, if you were an artist or band going to SXSW and are unable to at this point, or are going and have no place to play, we’d like to shine a light on your music, in appreciation. لعبة روليت مجانيه

Please reply to this post in comments or to catalinamariaj on twitter and we’ll keep updating here and will plan a radio show for Beat Latino.

Alien Tango

Antonio Lizana

Andrea Cruz





Ceci Juno


Hector Guerra


Lester Rey

Marem Ladson

Neysa Bley


Sierra Leon

Tomás del Real