REVIEW: There’s a Coqui in My Shoe!

Words and photography by Daniel Mendoza

Puerto Rico’s favorite forest friend is visiting Chicago. There’s a Coqui in My Shoe! is currently playing at the Miracle Center and it’s a very fun time.

When I first stepped in to The Miracle Center I instantly felt like a part of a community. Everyone speaking with each other, talking about who they are excited to see, who they know in the show, and during the show I just felt the love this community feels for each other. Before I entered the actual theatre, the Miracle Center recreated a piece of Puerto Rico in Chicago with a photo opportunity set.

The show begins with a short animation on screens that create the backdrops throughout the show of beautiful locations of Puerto Rico, before introducing the star of the show, the Coqui.

Carlito is a Coqui who wants adventure and to explore outside of the rain forest. After a game of hide and seek he winds up exploring all over the beautiful island, and ends up in the shoe of Armando, the son of a piragua vendor. They become fast friends and explore even more of Puerto Rico on their way to get Carlito back home. Meanwhile, back at Carlito’s home, the creatures of the rain forest are dealing with their own problems. Sprinkle in some fun dance numbers, incredible live music provided by a Latin band, and The Miracle center has brought a fun, educational, Puerto Rican love letter of a show to Chicago for the whole family.

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There’s a Coqui In My Shoe! only runs until October 13th at The Miracle Center, so hop on down and enjoy this 90 minute celebration of Puerto Rico’s Heritage.