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REVIEW: Parcels in Chicago

When you’ve collaborated with a band as iconic as Daft Punk on your debut album the expectations may be set unusually high or critics may be listening with an ear tuned for something different. Perhaps that is the reason behind some mixed reviews regarding the Berlin-based, disco-flavored band named none other than Parcels. But what truly matters most is what the fans viagra online us think and, what the fans think, is obvious! Since arriving in the West, Parcels has sold out all of its concerts for the first half of 2019, including their recent stop at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall!

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Originally from Australia, the quintet has given birth to a catchy, indie-funk instilled album that feels familiar yet fresh and much needed, filling a void in many musical libraries with warm, sexy dance hits like Tieduprightnow, Lightenup or, that collab with Daft Punk, Overnight. The members of the group play the part well with a style that reminds me of a twist of the Beatles in loungey 70’s outfits, cut to fit in better with today’s society.

Parcels next stop after dates in the US from now cialis medication until July include Lollapalooza Argentina and Chile and Ceremonia Festival in Mexico where fans eagerly await. They will return to the US before returning for more dates in Europe.

Formed in 2014, Parcels is Louie Swain (keyboards), Patrick Hetherington (keyboards), Noah Hill (bass), Anatole “Toto” Serret (drums) and Jules Crommelin buy cheapest propecia (guitar). Their meeting with Daft Punk happened after the French electronic duo happened to hear them perform in France and then invited them to their LA studio to collaborate on Overnight. Prior to their self titled debut, Parcels released two EP’s, Clockscared in 2015 and Hideout in 2017.

A familiar retro sound for the modern age with hints of their influences sprinkled throughout the LP, that in short could describe the sound of Parcels self-titled debut album released late last year; but it would be selling them short. The melodies, bass lines, guitars, keys and drums canadian healthcare pharmacy are made to make you move and that cannot be read in a review. It is something that one must experience for themselves. Thus, below are the links and if you get the chance, d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y check Parcels out in concert!

For more on Parcels check them out at: www.parcelsmusic.com, www.youtube.com/c/parcels, www.instagram.com/parcelsmusic, www.facebook.com/parcelsmusic, www.twitter.com/parcelsmusic