REMM: Venues, Promoters, Agencies, Managers, Artists, Formally Present Project to Reactivate Entertainment & Music in Mexico

The economic crisis caused by COVID-19 has impacted hundreds of thousands of professionals and families living in the Entertainment industry. This has given rise to the first project designed for the Reactivation of Entertainment and Music in Mexico (REMM) with the intention of beginning to reactivate the economy of said sector. 

Artists and musicians of all genres located in CDMX and / or Guadalajara will offer concerts behind closed doors and with the proper sanitation measures, which can be seen via live streaming, generating income for thousands of people within the industry. The access code to these concerts will be priced between $3 and $5 through ShoWare Access and can be seen globally and with a level of audiovisual quality designed for online concerts thanks to the support of Alestra and Switch it. All the income generated by the sale of codes and sponsorships will be deposited in the MEXIMM A.C. Civil Association, which will be in charge of managing and distributing the funds to musicians and professionals of each concert.

The entertainment industry is currently experiencing perhaps its darkest period in decades – or for as long as there is a record. The REMM project is a working model proposed with the objective to be able to reproduce itself in other cities. “The pandemic caused by the Covid-19 altered the rules of the game in the entertainment world – it’s important to recognize that. All areas are being affected: from security personnel, accesses and technicians, to bartenders, waiters, drivers, aides and catering. It’s not just about talent, promoters and booking agencies,” commented Norma Gasca (Rock Show Entertainment) the co-founder of the REMM initiative. “It’s a timid next step to, based on the result, keep proposing ways until we get back to the times of live concerts”. 

The initiative has been proposed by Pepsi Center WTC together with talent agencies (booking and management), various promoters and production houses, as well as by properties such as the Santander Ensemble of Performing Arts.

Under the motto of “All for the same objective,” REMM unveiled the first concerts and confirmed dates throughout the month of June & July:

La Sonora Santanera de Carlos Colorado con María Fernanda | Allison | Pipo Rodríguez (Ex Ángeles Azules) y Orquesta Pérez Prado, Feat Rubén Albarrán | Ese Wey (Stand-up Comedy) | Lola Club | El Haragán y Compañía | Sonido La Changa, Sonido Condor, Sonido La Conga y Sensación Caney | Fidel Nadal | Semana LGBT / Celebración Orgullo LGBT | La Bruja de Texcoco | Los Mesoneros | Odisseo | Technicolor Fabrics | Rubytates | Agrupación Cariño