Rebranding Brazil

The Los Angeles Times reported a story over the weekend on how Brazil is trying to combat sex tourism ahead of this year’s World Cup:

Brazilians complain that stereotypical images lead to prejudice and unwanted advances when they cialis tablets are traveling abroad.

‘First, they say that I don’t “look Brazilian,” because I don’t have big breasts or a big’ rear end, says Alexa Santoro, a 23-year old student from Sao Paulo who is training to be buy levitra canada a funeral makeup artist. ‘Then, the abuse starts. They think that I’ll just jump into bed with them, since that’s how they think things work in Brazil…. It can really make you feel bad.’

Santoro says she was not encouraged by reports that prostitutes around the country were taking English lessons before the World Cup.

The girl from Ipanema isn’t for sale anymore.

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