Preview: Lullaby by Teatro Luna!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step into a dream? To be a conscious spectator of the otherworldly scenes that play nightly when we close our eyes? Go see Teatro Luna’s new production, Lullaby and find out.You will walk in to a blue lit dream space where nightmares and fairytales collide.

On its first year without both its founding artistic directors, Teatro Luna continues its tradition of supporting new Latina talent. Lullaby, written by ensemble member Diane Herrera, is the first full length play being performed by Teatro Luna that is not written by Tanya Saracho or created by the ensemble. If you are used to Teatro Luna’s musical numbers, you’re in for something new and different (If you’re never come to a Teatro Luna production, shame on you). “Although it doesn’t fit what we normally do,” says managing director Alexandra Meda, “We are increasing our commitment to the single author playwright that is Latina. We want to be a safe space and a home and I think that is what we are doing with this play.”

Lullaby is special, maybe because of its departure from the Teatro Luna we’ve come to know and love. It is both more real and more dream-like than anything they have done before. Despite many of the differences, however, at the heart of this play you’ll find the same heart and guts that make Teatro Luna so amazing. This play holds the honesty of the small moments we have in life, the not so special daily encounters that cement the relationships women have with themselves and with each other.

Expect to see a darker Teatro Luna than you are used to, but as always, expect to be touched by your life being acted out on stage. The play will only have a twelve performance run at the Greenhouse Theatre, so be sure to get your ticket now!