Parlant Parlant Debut Vinyl April 11 at Hungry Brain

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Parlant Parlant, the Chicago-based music project formed by producers Bumbac Joe and Tim McNulty, are set to release a fresh new 7″ vinyl record featuring the hit singles, Barquito and Black Roses. The celebration takes place Thursday, April 11 at Hungry Brain ( 2319 W. Belmont).

On this new orange-colored vinyl, expect “tropicalism revisiting the Brazil of the 70s to the rhythm of landó, and on the other side, a sensuous cumbia full of Stevie Wonder-style synths.”

“It’s unclassifiable and weird and catchy and good, all terms we can’t help but enjoy”. – Britt Julious

Chicago Tribune

About the new release: “Side A presents the song “Barquito,” a track of citrus colors, with lyrics inspired by Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén, layered onto an Afro-Peruvian rhythm, replete with boogaloo breaks, wild sax, and an epic Brazilian chorus. The B-side brings us a free version of Barrington Levy’s 1983 reggae hit “Black Roses.” Parlant Parlant’s reworking keeps only the lyrics of the original chorus, adding to their version a synth-infused cumbia full of vocal exuberance, ending with a smoldering Afro-descarga.”

About Parlant Parlant

Bumbac Joe is a veteran of the turntables, Peruvian-Venezuelan composer and producer based in Chicago, and winner of the Chicago Reader’s “Best Local Dance Producer 2016”, with tracks published on labels such as Sonorama Records (Chicago) and Gozadera Records (NY) among others.

Tim McNulty is a singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist versed in various styles of Americana, who has been making music in Chicago since 2010. Former guitarist and singer of The Black Willoughbys, currently he works as a sound designer for theatre, and is composing the next album of the band Gone Valley.

For this production they collaborated with artists from Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison. In the song “Black Roses,” Amanda Huff (triple winner of the 88.9 Radio Milwaukee awards 2018) lends her voice; Ben LaMar Gay (International Anthem records) gives us a taste of his trumpet; and Graham Thorbrogger and Alex Lozano cumbiafy the track’s percussion.

“Barquito,” brings together Juan Tomás Martinez (Golpe Tierra, Acoplados, Canteca de Macao) on lead vocals and cajón, along with Diana Mosquera (Esso Afrojam Funkbeat) and Britney Freeman-Farr (B-Free) on backing vocals, giving the chorus a flavor of Sérgio Mendes. The cherry on top is el señor James Anderson’s (Voodoo Honey Records) never-quiet saxophone.

Release Party: Thursday, April 11th

Hungry Brain (2319 W. Belmont Ave, Chicago)

9pm /No cover/+21

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