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Oye Güey ,

Why are people obsessed with Pokemon?




Mira, you are currently seeing a rise in popularity of Pokemon because in 1998 a majority of millennials were chamac@s and therefore highly susceptible to gimmick-based marketing and gadgets. When Pokemon for Gameboy was released in the U.S. in 1998, it represented all of these things at once. Shortly after its release schools all over the country were flooded with kids with multi-colored Gameboys asking each other which level trainers they were and questioning whether they had successfully captured or evolved a Charmander or Mewtwo. Just when Nintendo verified that American kids were into it, it released a companion trading card game and successfully doubled dipped into some markets, all the while lowering the cost of participation in the brand for the Gameboy-less. They created an accessible hit!

Friendships were forged, positive associations were connected, and Pokemon entered the ether of childhood along with the smell of summer and the chime of the paletero carts. Flash forward 18 years and today we have the second coming of Pokemon. Why is it a hit again? Could it be the glitchy start-up times? Could it be newness and general sexiness of augmented reality games? Or could it be that the brand had managed to tap into good old-fashioned nostalgia? Pokemon is popular again for the same reason that the The Wonder Years and Happy Days were hit TV shows at some unfortunate point in time. In times of uncertainty the average human knows that they can look to the halcyon days of youth for comfort. More so than previous generations, we millennials are particularly susceptible to bouts of nostalgia.
Why?” one may ask oneself. The answer lies in the fact that we have been through a lot of shit as a generation: 9/11, two wars,  economic bankrupting at the hands of the Republican party, unprecedented social unrest at home and abroad, 60 mass shootings, the list goes on and on and on…oh did I mention a certain orange-faced payaso running for President?

So Luddita, to answer your question, people are currently obsessed with Pokemon because it is easier to be nostalgic than it is to live with the notion that the country’s racist uncles might put Donald Trump in the oval office.

-Este Güey

Oye Güey,

What the hell is rugby?

-Ciudadano curioso de la Republica Deportiva


Rugby is American football’s father, and soccer’s cooler brother, which was invented when an angsty British teenager named Webb Ellis got sick of kicking the soccer ball in 1823 and picked the damn ball up and began running.

The game consists of two teams of fifteen attempting to place the ball over the try line (end zone in football terms) while only being allowed to pass the ball laterally and tackle the ball possessor for two 40-minute halves. It is truly a beautiful game to watch and far more fun to play. If you are curious about the sport, I recommend you find your local club and enjoy your new favorite sport.

-Este Guey  

Oye Güey,

How do I tell my neighbor-friend that their spouse is cheating on them… with me?!

-Vecino Preocupado


The way this güey sees it, you have 1 option with 2 modes of execution. Tell your neighbor about their partner’s shenanigans–they deserve to know. You have 2 options for how to do the deed.  

1. Write your neighbor an anonymous letter and let them them know they are being cheated on without revealing yourself as the sanch@, or

2. Knock on their door and tell them face to face.

The risk with the first option is that your partner in sanch@dom may give you up and you will lose any anonymity that you may feel that you get from pursuing the option and subsequently take on the risk associated with option 2. The risk associated with option 2 is suffering the direct wrath of a jilted lover, so much so that you may be forced to consider taking up alternative residency. It would appear that you have gotten yourself in quite the pickle. May I suggest that in order to avoid future situations such as this, keep your pants on around your neighbors.


-Este Güey