On Tour: Enrique Bunbury (House of Blues Chicago – March 20)

Enrique Bunbury is relishing in the success of his last recording, Expectativas, and taking his show on the road with the start of his EX TOUR USA 2019 which begins here in Chicago on Wednesday, March 20 at House of Blues. Tickets are available here.

Enrique Bunbury, who took home the Latin Grammy@ for Best Rock Album last year, said:

“Thank you very much, really, to all of you who have had “Expectations” under consideration. […] You know that we live in playlist times, and loose songs and few dedicate the time and effort to listen to an entire album with dedication. That doesn’t stop many of us, musicians of vocation and profession, from using the language and time of the long-lasting album to express ourselves and communicate with you. Regardless of what the times dictate, don’t let laziness prevent you from enjoying and growing as human beings, with the learning involved in immersing yourself in the work proposed by the artists we admire. Thank you very much to all of you!”


Enrique Bunbury began his career as a singer and composer in 1984, founding Héroes del Silencio, a rock band in which he stayed for ten years and with which he recorded four studio albums that redefined the concept of Spanish rock.

In 1996, the group was dissolved and Bunbury began a solo career with “Radical sonora” (1997), a fusion of electronica and organic rock with avant-garde songs such as “Salomé”. He explores Mediterranean and Latin American sounds recording, with El Huracán Ambulante, the magnificent “Pequeño” (1999), “Flamingos” (2002) and “El viaje a ninguna parte” (2004), as well as several live performances and two communal experiences: “Bushido” (2004) and “Panero” (2004). After undoing this group, he records with Nacho Vegas “El tiempo de las cerezas” (2006), where Bunbury turns the compass and focuses on North American sounds. He then resurrects Héroes del Silencio for a single tour, collected in “Tour 2007” (2007).

With new energy, Bunbury returns to his solo career to found a new band, Los Santos Inocentes, and record the explosive “Hellville de Luxe” (2008), the intimate “Las consecuencias” (2010) and “Licenciado cantinas” (2012), a record of Latin song versions. The next reinvention is “Palosanto” (2013), a work that orbits around change. Several live shows later – among them his MTV Unplugged “El libro de las mutaciones” (The Book of Mutations).

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