Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita: A Joyful Musical Communion

When extraordinary musicians join forces, breathtaking beauty can ensue—and such is the case  in the “Transparent Water”, the new CD and concert collaboration between 7-time Grammy-nominated pianist-composer-bandleader Omar Sosa and U.K.-based Senegalese kora master and singer Seckou Keita, featuring folkloric Venezuelan percussionist Gustavo Ovalles.

Each piece on the album is a translucent, flowing gem of deeply nuanced musical dialogue,  as each master musician reveals humanity’s finest spirit in the roots and traditions across three continents.

As Sosa comments in a phone call from his home base in Barcelona, after playing a set with Keita in London some years back, he felt an instant affinity and connection to the master kora player. The recording of “Transparent Water”, he explains, then happened about 5 years ago in Osnabruck, Germany in a remote but beautiful rural location, with mostly “grass and cows”, he says, chuckling.

Sosa describes the weeks the musicians spent together in the studio as following a natural, organic schedule—conversation, recording, meals, repeat. It was a very natural process, that Sosa sees reflected in the music, which he describes as flowing and peaceful—contemplative pieces in which space and silence were “leit motifs. كيفية ربح المال ” As he puts it, “We showed up ‘naked’ to the studio—with no preconceptions. لعبة سلوتس Ready to explore fresh takes on our roots, me as an Afrolatino Caribbean, him as a griot,” and ready to revel in “the authenticity of the moment. لربح المال

What this resulted in, says Sosa, is a recording that “affirmed and ratified the magic of interaction,” likening it to two master chefs mixing spices to come up with a new dish that delights them.

Sosa concludes likening “Transparent Water” to a painting: “We usually try to surprise others with overwhelming quantity and force… this was about depicting something with the subtlest, purest of strokes, discovering the magic of simplicity.”

Feature photo: Left, Seckou Keita. Right, Omar Sosa. Courtesy of the Artists.

Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita will perform at Old Town School of Folk Music on March 15.

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