NEW VIDEO: Francisca Valenzuela “FLOTANDO”

“It’s about the sweetness, joy, delight of having someone with whom to share what makes you float. The impetus, the emotion, the delirium, the theatricality of falling in love with someone. Sometimes it feels so unreal that when it becomes palpable, it seems magical,” says Francisca Valenzuela of the latest ballad from her upcoming album, La Fortaleza. “Musically, it combines my love for classical songs with a modern twist, and my love for piano and epic guitar riffs in the style of bands like Queen. It is a confessional song, simple and direct.”

La Fortaleza is due to be released on Friday, Jan. 17.

About the video for “Flotando” she says, “[…] I knew I wanted a fantasy that was sweet, romantic and surreal. So with my choreographer, Brigitte Kattan and my co-director Sebastián Soto Chacón, we made this video where I am “myself” in a recording studio where I continue to fantasize and miss my love. The lover that the song is about, the same one I’m playing, the same one that makes me “float.” In the end, everything becomes a colorful surreal dream; We dance together with the production team that is on set with me, there are fish, a piano and a long satin dress.”

Prior to the release of “Flotando”, Francisca Valenzuela released “Al Final del Mundo” a song that had Claudio Parra (pianist and one of the founders of Los Jaivas) as a collaborator. The musical piece was born as a form of expression and support for Chile and the social struggle that began last October in the country.

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