Latino-Brasilian music lovers, Fight Club fans and those of us that love Boogat’s Quebecois-Mexican-Paraguayan take on hip hop and Latin beats, rejoice! Boogat’s new video for ”El Lobo”, 2nd single off Neo-Reconquista is out.


”El Lobo” is a song that mixes Latin Music, Electronica and Dancehall with a Brasilian Batucada twist. The subject is conflict, in its purest form: It’s the tale of a monkey who runs into a wolf in the middle of the jungle.They fight. A metaphor of micro and/or macro conflicts in modern days Latin America, in its concrete jungle. The video, produced by Argentinian director Santi Dulce and shot in Sao Paulo (Brazil), translates the spirit of the song into images, telling the story of two urban warriors that meet in a gully improvised ”Fight Club” kind of ring. Who will be the winner: The monkey or the wolf?