NEW from Leontine

Mexican electro-dream-pop duo Leontine have just released a haunting new video for their soon-to-be-released single, Mar. The video, which was directed by Miguel Gallo, features eerie visuals set in a beautiful, yet stark and silent natural habitat, with interposing flashbacks to similar moments in a tub.

Leontine, formed by Helena Sánchez and Rodrigo Barbosa, have found a delightful way to capture their unique soundscapes and re-interpret them into engaging visuals.

In this case, the moving images follow along closely to the dramatic and dreamy rhythm of the music. Uplifting interludes climax together with moments of intense anguish and despair. The parallels are profoundly striking.

Mar will be available on all digital platforms on March 15th.

Leontine’s next performance is March 28 at Foro del Tejedor (Mexico City).

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