NANCY SANCHEZ Releases La Maldita Bruja

Nancy Sanchez created a new instant Dia De los Muertos classic with her latest original track, “La Maldita Bruja,” one of her most eerie and haunting songs to date.

“La Maldita Bruja” redefines La Llorona and all of the iconic female images of Dia De Los Muertos. This song was born from the current Pandemic and blends 14th Century Plagued Europe with the Mexican China Poblana Antigua esthetic. Nancy’s beautifully dark vocals are accompanied by the haunting guitar melodies of Andy Abad.

“La Maldita Bruja” was produced by Joaquin Pacheco (Nancy Sanchez La Gran Civilización) featuring classical acoustic guitar by Andy Abad (JLo, Marc Anthony, Juan Gabriel, Pepe Aguilar).

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