NEW: Mateo Kingman’s Tejidos

Ecuadorian artist Mateo Kingman has released the new single “Tejidos” off his upcoming sophomore album. “Tejidos” is the second single off his album ‘Astro’ which is set for release on July 26.

‘Tejidos’ corresponds to the most cosmic part of the album,” Kingman explains. “It is a dialogue between the traveller and the snakes/vehicles of the universe; the moment before the disintegration of the being; the first contact with the stars and the void. I like the idea of transmitting a deep message transported by a light and versatile vehicle. In ‘Tejidos,’ we explore with a dancing musical cadence. It’s an experiment to connect with your body through dance and at the same time reflect on your inner world.”

With Kingman’s second album, he goes on a journey from the conception of the human being as a separate entity. He goes through the tough task of accepting that we have neither control over nor responsibility for our existence. And then he reaches the peak moment of the disappearance of the ego, becoming part of the cosmos, part of the whole, to finally return to the earthly realm, as a human once again, but more present, vital, and with a new knowledge: “We are an infinite thread of colors in the grand project.”

Kingman grew up in Macas, a small town in the Ecuadorian Amazon, where he was immersed in the Shuar culture and Amazonian mythologies. Before he focused on music, Kingman’s passion was running and he represented Ecuador’s track and field team in the Pan American Games. But when he lost an Olympics qualifying race, he found solace in making music. Back in the Amazon, Kingman began experimenting with the guitar, drums, and traditional instruments. He explored the universal nature of music, which ties the finite and small human condition, full of passions hard to understand, with the cosmic, the chaotic, and the infinite.


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