Lollapalooza is for the Children!

Now that the Lollapalooza dust has pretty much completely settled and Grant Park has returned to its normal expansive glory, let’s go ahead and take ooooooooone more look at an aspect that may go unnoticed to the drugged up teens and drunk by noon veterans: KIDZAPALOOZA!

For its 25th anniversary, Lollapalooza incorporated a “festival within a festival” just for kids (and their obviously super-cool parents). Full of activities geared toward the creative child, Kidzapalooza featured a concert series with a new genre of “family music,” geared toward engaging a few generations of music lovers instead of the old school version of kids music, which was way more patronizing and, quite frankly, annoying AF. What better way to show kids the power of music than by introducing them to interesting music at a young age, music that their parents aren’t devastated to share with you? When we get to see School of Rock cover Smashing Pumpkins and Porno for Pyros with ease and beauty, everyone wins. The kids get to make great music. The instructors get to teach cool music to generations that will carry the torch. The parents get to watch their children grow creatively while delivering great music to an enthusiastic audience. The kids in said audience get to see that creativity and expressing oneself through music is a viable option. Kidzapalooza’s message was received loud and clear.

Here to further articulate that message are  two standout acts from the Kidzapalooza event, Jazzy Ash & The Leaping Lizards and Ralph Covert, who we caught up with over the long weekend to get their take on what the music means to them and where this new genre is headed for our future generations of music lovers.