Lollapalooza 2018: DAVIE: Pastor of the Funk

All photos by Erika Goldring

DAVIE is doing it and doing it and doing it well. Making his rounds through the summer festival tour with a flavorful musical pallet sure to tantalize the aural taste buds in an intensifying new generation of R&B soul brothers and sisters making waves for new and old, his music provides depth and texture displayed on two projects Black Gospel Vol. 1 and Music by DAVIE. With  more music already teed up for this fall, we’re excited to see what DAVIE continues to contribute to the landscape.

We caught up with the self-proclaimed and self-ordained Pastor of the Funk after his Lollapalooza set for a quick Q&A:

What was your Bonnaroo experience like/how is it similar and different to Lollapalooza from an artist’s perspective?Bonnaroo felt like a religious experience in the woods –people vibing in their truth. So many costumes and outfits. Lolla was like a giant party.

When did you decide that you were a musician?

Around 15.

Photo credit: Erika Goldring 

Who would you say are some of your musical influences?

The Clark Sisters, Stevie Wonder, Prince, The Jackson 5, Beyoncé

Take us through your evolution as an artist between the Black Gospel Vol. 1 EP and the Music by Davie EP. Is there another volume on the way?

Black Gospel I felt was an introduction to me and where I am from.

I grew up singing gospel music. I wanted to make an EP that would at least give you the foundation of my story. Music by Davie has one of my favorite songs, Love Sick Fool. It is simple but it was the first breakthrough in finding my voice as an artist. I truly love R&B and tried my best with Music by Davie to showcase that.

Photo by Erika Goldring

How do you see yourself fitting into or standing out from today’s contemporary R&B landscape?

I love a lot of today’s music, it’s so vibey and honest. But for me I see myself as the funky joy bringer, making people dance and lifting spirits with my energy.

What do you feel sets you apart from other Gospel/R&B/Soul singers?

I think because I am a songwriter first I approach the melody different than most singers. I try to match sweet melodies with strange lyrics. Like if I say “jealous” how does jealousy sound coming from Davie? I don’t just sing to sound good. I sing to be honest in the moment.

First thing that comes to mind when you hear the following artists:

James Brown: Originator

Frank Ocean: Poet

Beyoncé: My Queen

Solange: My sis

Khalid: Different

SZA: Vibe

Lauryn Hill: Everything

Janelle Monae: Brilliant

DAVIE: Pastor of The Funk

Photo by Erika Goldring

What do you have going on post-Lollapalooza (read: now)?

We are gearing to release a few singles and then an EP late in the fall.

How can fans beat keep up with you and stay connected?

My insta is my playground: @musicbydavie. My stories are very entertaining.