Listen to These SPAINish Hip-Hop Artists


Most people think of Mala Rodriguez and Arianna Puello when it comes to female rappers from Spain. But the truth is there are several others who also top the list of female MC’s in the country. As we anxiously wait for the release of new material, the artist Aid is worth a strong mention. She has been considered among the best by many hip-hop en español fans.



In addition to her work alone, Aid took a role on a song produced just a couple years ago in the company of Niña Dioz, Rebeca Lane, and Sista Eyerie.



Active since 2003, Aid released her first track in 2007, received the Xeracion Viguesa award in 2014, participated in the TEDx conference held at California State University in 2016 and released the single “Que Miren” in 2017; a track which has gained her the most recognition yet.

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One of Spain’s greatest. Nach is one of the few Hip-Hop Artists to have dominated Spain’s scene since the 1990s and still doing it today. With almost a dozen albums to his name, the new single “Grande” is the sign of something great to come.



Proclaimed an alchemist of rhyme, an artist, and poet, Nach is known for his lyrical prowess. His words have grown a following of fans that find motivation in his verse, relating them to their own struggles across the globe. So much is the inspiration of his words that you can purchase shirts with his rhymes, you will find memes quoting him all over the internet and fans have set up social media pages with titles like “Frases Inmortales de Nach.”

In addition to his vast discography, Nach also published a book titled “Hambriento,” a collection of poetry, reflections, and lessons inspired by a voracity of emotions and experiences born from a very intimate place of his being.



Toteking featuring A Contra Blues

Something special happens when rap meets rock. Ever since Run DMC did it with Aerosmith on “Walk This Way” and artists like the Beastie Boys and Rage Against The Machine took the concept to new heights. The marriage of these musical opposites just seems to work great sometimes. And, on this occasion, the honor is given to Toteking with help of blues-rock band A Contra Blues.



Both hailing from Spain, Toteking has been active in Spain’s hip-hop scene since the late 90’s and has built a strong following for his craft. Over the years he has gathered considerable recognition and played continuously sold out venues in support of his music and his latest album “Lebron”.

A Contra Blues is an award-winning band that has competed and played in blues concerts and festivals throughout Europe taking prizes home from many of these events.

Outside of “No Pueden,” Toteking’s style is a mixture of traditional Spanish hip-hop with an occasional injection of jazz and R&B. He has collaborations with several rappers from Spain and his last album “Lebron” has been praised as “authentic rap” and a perfection of his style.

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Another female hip-hopper from Spain and often counted as a powerhouse among female rappers across the globe is Zeidah. This rapper from Barcelona has been active since 2003, beginning her career in the rap game at the age of 16.



It appears that new material may be in the works but Zeidah’s most recent appearance has been on Marga Mbande’s track “Rude”. Marga Mbande, a fellow Barcelonan, of Guinean decent, who is building a following in Spain of her own.



Like many artists in Spain, Zeidah raps on the same social issues and corruption that other Spanish rappers do. But her unique voice and verse have made her readily recognizable and have set her apart from the rest.

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The “El Circulo” and hit track “Yemen” (video below) isn’t new but Kase.O currently finds himself touring through Latin America and back through Spain in support of his material with dates programmed from now until the end of the year. Born from the legendary rap group Violadores del Verso, also founded in the late 90’s, this artist deviates from his hip-hop comrades in Spain with a flair and calmness to rhyme that sets him apart.



Kase.O is considered another lyrical heavyweight in Spain with a style that is uniquely his; yet purposeful, thought-out and methodical. In addition to his highly acclaimed work with Violadores del Verso, and collaboration with other artists from Spain, he has appeared on the track “We Speak Hip Hop”, with Grandmaster Flash and KRS One.

With Violadores del Verso, Kase.O has eight albums released. He has an additional three LP’s released away from the group. However, it seems that Violadores del Verso is all but done for as other factions of the group continue to produce and perform; leaving an open door for future collaborative projects.

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