Leikeli47 in Chicago Update: Subterranean Show…

“Despite near-total anonymity, Leikeli47 is becoming a resounding voice of black womanhood.” – Pitchfork

Leikeli47‘s live show is incredibly energetic and wild as she knows how to get the crowd hyped while delivering her spitfire rhymes in her signature mask (a balaclava / bandana a la MF Doom and Pussy Riot). Currently on tour, Leikeli performs this Friday at Subterranean BUT if you didn’t get your tickets already, so sorry – the show is sold out! But… hey, check out the dope videos below while you ponder on why you didn’t get those tickets sooner. شركة بوين

Leikeli47’s tour is in support of Acrylic, the critically-acclaimed album and second part in her trilogy. She just performed on NPR’s Tiny Desk and her video “No Reload” was just released this week.

Leikeli47’s music infuses different sounds from Chicago House, bounce, dance hall to trap and has been featured numerous times on the cult HBO TV show Insecure as well as Grown-ish (premiered her video “Tic Boom” on it) and in the upcoming comedy Little.