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PHOTO REVIEW: Le Butcherettes in Chicago

Le Butcherettes brought the house down for a third time in less than a year and this early 2019 session was a sold-out performance at Chicago’s Cobra Lounge. Just off tour dates with Death From Above, Teri led the furious four back to the Windy City in support of their new album bi/MENTAL and I still have the father/ELOHIM chant “still they want to f*ck with us some more!” ringing in my ears.

With 13 new tracks to perform live, Le Butcherettes gave an intimate and energetic show on a small stage, where you could “literally” reach out and touch the punk rock songstress. That, my friends, could not to be missed! And, it’s just a small part of the series of dates Le generic viagra professional Butcherettes has in the western hemisphere before taking on Europe.

bi/MENTAL is a musical indulgence that cannot be passed up live!

Yes, saying it borders on cliché, but consuming bi/MENTAL live is simply a musical indulgence that cannot, and should not, be passed up. This heartfelt album with so many underlying, and not so underlying, lyrics takes you on a multifaceted trip that pries you open, just a little more, with every listen. I, for one, wanted to see the woman behind the songs once again, even if it was for the third time in 6 months; buying my tickets way ahead of time in case the press credentials didn’t come through! After all, this was the first time bi/MENTAL was being performed live.

It’s safe to say I’m a fan of Teri, her lyrics and the challenges she’s conquered to get where she is, but, it was “awesome” (another cliché for ya) to see people attending a Le Butcherettes show for the first time, some even from out of town, and raving about it afterward on socials and in person.

And, can we take a second to viagra with no prescription in britain mention the badass tour openers. Chicago’s Mutts kicked it off with the perfect combination of power and energy to get the party started. I look forward to seeing them again. And, Stars at Night! STARS AT NIGHT! WTH! Why didn’t I have you in my playlist already??? Music fans, you have to add them, follow them, and download them. These women are set for incredible things! (I’ll make it easy: link here).

Stars At Night

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So, Europe you’re up next but not before Le Butcherettes discount levitra purchase hit MA, PA, NY, DC, GA, LA and TX with performances in venues both intimate and not so small. If you can make a show at one of the smaller venues, don’t miss it! Even if you have to cross hills and mountains to get cialis mail order uk there. With success on their side, you may not get the chance to see Teri and Le Butcherettes so up close and personal again.


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