Latino Tech Pioneer Lucio Villa Leaves His Mark in Chicago Before Returning to California

After three years in Chicago, Compton son and Latino tech pioneer Lucio Villa left his position as News Applications Developer at Hoy Chicago to return to California to take a job as Interactive Producer for the San Francisco Chronicle.

To say Chicago will miss Lucio as a friend, colleague, and mentor is an understatement. In addition to his national work as a Migrahack mentor, LatinoCon 2015 speaker, and NICAR 2015 speaker, Lucio made invaluable contributions to the Latino tech and journalism communities in Chicago, serving in multiple organizations, such as:

NAHJ- Chicago Chapter (board member)
Elevarte (board member)
Cultura in Pilsen (programming committee member)
Latin@ Techies (co-founder, organizing the first ever Latin@
Hackathon in Chicago)
Code Latino (co-founder)

As Lucio settles in back in Cali, Gozamos reached out to our compa to ask him a few questions about the transition and his plans for the future.

Gozamos: What are your top reasons for taking this new job?
Lucio Villa: I am taking this job because I will be working with a talented team, working on amazing stories and learning about new innovative ways to showcase online stories.

How did your family react to the news?
LV: My mother did not know the magnitude of me working at a well-established publication, all she cared about was that I would closer to her. Both my father and siblings are extremely excited and proud of their older brother.

What will you miss most about Chicago?
LV: The people. That is what I will miss the most about Chicago. All the friends, acquaintances, co-workers, artists, techies, social workers, union organizers, teachers, journalists, activists, designers, board members, photographers, students, professors… everyone I made a connection with here. You all will be missed.

What are your plans for continuing your activism and influence in the Latin@ tech community in SF?
LV: I will be going to the place where there will be tons of techies and my goal is continue to empower Latinos of all ages to get curious about tech and let them know that the tech industry is also an option. I hope that I can find other organizations like Latino Techies, if not then I will create the San Francisco chapter of LT there.

Will Chi-town be seeing you again?
LV: My leave was too abrupt, so I will definitely be coming back to visit. No plans yet, but for sure you will catch me at RuidoFest 2016.


Disclosure: The writer of this article, Luz Chavez, worked alongside Lucio Villa at Latin@ Techies. Latin@ Techies is a community initiative of