Latino Lit Platform Editorial Trance Ventures into Paranormal Erotica

Guess what’s back with a spookier, sexier vibe?

Our friends at Editorial Trance have howled at the moon and revamped their literary underground universe.

Editorial Trance is a digital media platform seeking to blur the literary margins of the Latinx experience in both English and Spanish. In hopes of expanding Latino lit into new areas which defy categorization, they’ll publish compelling e-books, blog posts and multimedia pieces. And yes, they’ll unveil works that break new ground in the erotica, paranormal and taboo universes, covering all genres.

Just kissed and wanna tell? Are you traumatized by a haunting experience and wanna write about it anonymously? Do you have pictures and videos of ghosts? Or are you simply a fiction writer wanting to explore the paranormal or erotica old castles? This is your chance!

While you’re on it, don’t forget to download their first free eBook: Trance Anthology Vol 1: Erotica Paranormal. Submit your story for the chance to be featured on the second volume, which will tackle numerology.

For more information, visit

Twitter: @editorialtrance

Instagram: editorial.trance

Facebook: @EditorialTrance