La Dame Blanche Debuts La Americana

La Dame Blanche just dropped a new video for “La Americana,” a song off her critically-acclaimed album, ELLA. The album reveals the Afro-Cuban artist in her different facets.

La Dame Blanche explains that “La Americana,” is “La que denuncia el racismo y destaca el orgullo latino. Mis raíces hispanoamericanas”.  (“She who denounces racism and highlights latin pride. My hispanoamerican roots.”)

It seems an appropriate time to release the video for this song as we close in on a contentious election and a year where racism has been a prominent part of the discussion. La Dame Blanche asserts her “American-ness” with the message that being American does not imply that one has to speak English. America encompasses an entire mostly Spanish-speaking continent. The lyrics get right to the point: “Sorry, me no speak English, speaking Spanish”… and to anyone who doesn’t want to accept that, she has a few choice words that you can hear in the video.