Initial Buzz at SXSW 2017

We tend to steer our ears toward Lat/alt sounds because we love the endless variety of music from that ‘genre’ but we also just love to listen to anything that makes us feel. From neo soul to heartfelt gritty blues, we enjoy music that evokes an emotion, a moment in time or that joy and pain that comes from finding the ideal singular song. That is the pivotal moment you know you’ve found joy… as is the case with these artists who will be performing in Austin for the SXSW Music Festival. Each artist has a uniqueness that creates a constant stir of emotion. It’s quite delightful, you’ll see. The SXSW 2017 Music Festival portion runs Mar. 13-19 in Austin, Texas.


Novedades Carminha

We can’t deny we’re feeling those “Yeah, baby. Yeah!” vibes as we groove along to surfy-punk, synthy-pop and sweetly sassy, sometimes humorous, garage rock from this Galician band. It feels like pop for grown ups, but, meh, it’s simply bad@ss. Oh, and watch out for that video below. NSFW pero super hot. #surfpunk


This is the project of one of our muses, Andres Nusser, the #omaiga producer and former front man of Astro. You know him. Yes. Him! He’s been working on this electronic project and that voice… ahhh, that voice. It’s all there even though there’s not much out there but these b-sides on Soundcloud. Can’t wait to see what he does live. Wuuuuu!


Shoegaze supreme! That is all. #lovelylofi


This Venezuelan rapper is fierce (and fiiiine). Watch his cool rhymes.

Mexican Juligans

They’re punk de rancho from Mexico and I mean what more can I say than that? It’s fast and fun. #punkranchero

Lucia Tacchetti

From the crackles of what sounds like a long lost record from days of yore arrives a beautiful voice, sweet, almost as if in yearning, of Argentine folk singer Lucia Tacchetti. Nashville is musical nostalgia at its finest #indiefolk


The OKILLS are a five-piece pop band from Venezuela. They’re super entertaining with their play on pop-rock adding a lil’ tropi-disco flavor for a bit of a twist. It’s superbly solid and if you’re going to do pop, this is the way to go.


This Colombian singer-songwriter has a sultry way with R&B, jazz, rock and even a little flamenco and hip hop. She’s definitely a multi-faceted chingona. #latintodo

Ese Perro

This band is just… wow! I can’t even explain what it is about their sound but I fell for it and am loving everything I’ve heard so far. What I can tell you is that they’re from Buenos Aires, there are five of them and apparently the visuals they bring along with their sound are something we can’t miss. So there! #sublimegenius

Rudy Tee y Los Pelícanos del Rey

San Antonio’s westside sound comes from this gem right here so this is one of my #SXSW2017goals. We are not missing this no way no how. #chicanorocknroll

Mora Lucay

This Chilean band blends all kinds of sounds from boleros, cumbias and saya into rich and layered pop music. #chilesounds 

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