ICYMI: New Music Videos Ftg Javiera Mena, Tei Shi, Let’s Eat Grandma, Kali Mutsa, Las Bistecs and Lila Downs (Among Others!)

We’ve barely begun to recognize that the end of summer has approached so we’re quietly staying back, lolling behind and pondering as we enjoy every last bit of sunshine and its accompanying summer sounds. This means we’re going over things we heard or wanted to hear more closely, ranging from electro-pop to sassy R&B, all female-fronted. We love how these make us feel and so this list of videos are the result of those intentional, feel-good-inspired finds. Most of the music videos were released earlier this year and over the summer, twenty seventeen. 

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Featured videos are by Vanessa Zamora, Quiero Club, Javiera Mena, Pamela Rodriguez, Tei Shi, Kali Mutsa, Las Bistecs, Let’s Eat Grandma, iLe, Juana Molina, and Lila Downs.

twenty seventeen – music videos

Vanessa Zamora – Hbls Mucho 

Quiero Club – Millones

Javiera Mena – Performance on KEXP

Pamela Rodriguez – Plug & Play

Tei Shi – How Far

Kali Mutsa – Interestelar

Las Bistecs – DJ Bicha

Let’s Eat Grandma – South x Lullaby

iLe – Qué Mal Que Estoy

Juana Molina – Paraguaya

Lila Downs – Urge