Ho99o9: Post Apocalyptic Hip-Hop

If hardcore industrial punk and rap music had a love child, it would be Ho99o9 and few places outside of New Jersey could give birth to a blend of genres like this. Based today in Los Angeles, the duo known as Ho99o9 (pronounced “horror”) cites their upbringing with punk and hip-hop music as heavy influences. Further inspiration was found in horror flicks, especially movies from artist/director Rob Zombie.

With more energy than the energizer bunny on a 24-hour binge of Red Bull, the pair known as theOGM and Eaddy took the stage at Reggie’s in Chicago last Friday. Ho99o9 is touring with 3TEETH, Street Sects, and Worm as part of the Lights Out America tour (a literal theme for most of the show). With dates going from now through most of the year, the band will find themselves at venues throughout the US, UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and more. العاب ماكينات

Images by Jean Marc Lavoie

Formed in 2012, Ho99o9 has grown fast in popularity in the underground scene and given rise to a genre that might be all their own: “experimental thrashcore rap.” The pair has developed a strong cult following due primarily to their lively performances. Their lyrics are meant to make you uncomfortable about the world we live in today because you should be. كيف تلعب بينجو And, if at times they sound angry it’s because, again, you should be. كيف تلعب روليت

Having recently completed their first full-length LP, United States of Ho99o9, the group’s songs often criticize the ills of society, the press, and other controversial entities and topics. Their single City Rejects was on everyone’s radar last year for its condemnation of racism in the media while other songs have touched upon everything from capitalism to necrophilia.

For many, Ho99o9’s United States of Horror is a call to arms, not for violence but for a stand in the name of our rights. They literally ask you to put your fists up as the beginning of a revolution against “police brutality, racism, government oppression, motherf–ers abusin’ they power”. United States of Ho99o9 can be had at most online music outlets, with a vinyl edition also available.

Find more at: www.ho99o9.com