Happy birthday, Gustavo!

With love, respect and admiration, today we honor what would have been the 58th birthday celebration of Gustavo Adrián Cerati. This playlist contains some of our favorite songs and videos, those that allowed us to dance in joy, love with passion, cry with pain or rebound with power. There’s an interview or two in there as well. Cerati, a magical being, continues to inspire all those who adored him and those who are just now getting to know all about him.

Siempre con nosotros. Gustavo Cerati.

(August 11, 1959 – September 4, 2014)

Is your favorite on this list? If not, what is it? Are there certain lyrics that influenced you in any way? What are they? Please join us and share your connection to this magical being. (And what up with that interviewer on the beach trying to touch his leg? Osea!)









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