Gozamos.tv – Episode 5: Little Village Arts Fest

Gozamos meets to talk about the 5th Annual Little Village Arts Fest, presented by Villarte. We are joined by Samuel Vergara (Curator of LVAF), Laura Vergara, (Artist of LVAF) Laura Nuñez (Board Member of LVAF), Asami Hachiuma and Abraham Velázquez Tello in Episode 5 of the Gozamos Podcast. Feedback, comments, or topic suggestions? Email us at hola@gozamos.com. Text or leave us a voicemail at 312-436-2202.

Note: The Audio is a little low. We will fix and re-upload soon!

Check out some of the events at Little Village Arts Fest!

Little Village Arts Fest Opening Night!

Latinas Telling Their Stories Through Arts

So You Want To Be An Artist?

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