Germany in Chicago: Edelweiss

This is part two of the three part Germany in Chicago series. This time, we go a little further away from the city to a restaurant called Edelweiss located on Irving Park Rd. in Norridge. The façade is about as German as it gets. Traditional flags, crests, and beer signs announce the restaurant’s country of origin before you enter.

Edelweiss has a reputation for being an OMB (Old Man Bar), but consider it part of its charm! Sure, everyone (including most of the waitstaff) is a generation or two ahead of you, but who cares!? With 16 draft beer selections, weekend polka, and kraut are you really going to be picky and ageist? I didn’t think so!

You can choose to sit at the bar or in the dining room. If you’re coming with a date or a larger party, I suggest the dining room. It has a banquet/family-style dinner feel to it. The portions are enormous and the steins of beer are even bigger. If beer isn’t quite your thing, Edelweiss also offers a variety of Belgian lambics to enjoy on their own or with your dinner.

Dinner can range from a simple soup and salad to the massive and oh-so-delicious Edelweiss Platter. This sampler consists of rindsrouladen (beef stuffed with onion, pickles and bacon), pork schnitzel, kassler (pork chop in gravy), bratwurst, roasted pork loin, red cabbage, sauerkraut, German fries, and spätzle. This pork-heavy dish comes in at 20.95 and is the most expensive entrée Edelweiss serves, but it makes for great leftovers!

Octoberfest begins September 11th and is celebrated through November 6th. Bring your lederhosen and be sure to check out the menu that will be made especially for this German celebration!

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