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Flossmoor Station Brewery, located in the town of Flossmoor, IL (about 30 miles south of Chicago), is a treasure that’s worth the trip. Flossmoor’s little downtown reminds me of Oak Park’s Marion Street. The brewery sits to one side of the main road, elevated. That’s right, elevated. Why? Because it literally was a railroad station. The Metra’s Electric District line still runs through there, and the brewery resides (practically) on the platform. I envy the people that ride that line. No better way to wait for your train than to sit at the bar and enjoy some brew made on the premises.

The brewery is beautiful and old, and was originally an Illinois Central station. The largest dining area is as loud (if not louder) than the bar, which I appreciated. I didn’t feel the need to keep my voice down with all the families and couples near-by. The service was extremely good. I had the pleasure of having one of the best waiters I have ever met. He was funny, gave knowledgeable recommendations, and kept the beer flowing.

The menu is extensive. Salads, soups, sandwiches, and entrees are there, of course, and was not much different than most pub fare except in its quality and quantity. Everything was fresh, delicious, and affordable. Can you really ask for more? What I didn’t get to try, but would have liked to was the pies – coconut crème, to be exact.

Now for the beer – I like to save the best for last! I began with the massive sampler. Most breweries have limited flights, especially if they have a large beer list. Flossmoor lets you try ALL their beer in about 3oz samples. The waiter came out with a cafeteria-like tray filled with colorful beer. Stouts, browns, fruit, and lighter ales were among the offerings. The table’s consensus, however, was for the Gandy Dancer Honey Ale. This beer, by far, was the best Flossmoor offered. The rye and honey were the stars on my palate. The Panama Limited Red Ale was my second favorite and quite a bit more hoppy than the others. Though, I will say there was a serious lack of truly hoppy beer. That isn’t to say I’m a hop-snob, but maybe I dabble too much in American style beer not to miss a pale ale when they’re common staples in our breweries. Personally, I am not a huge fan of fruit beer, but I daresay someone who does wouldn’t like the Chessie Cherry Wheat Ale and the Roundhouse Raspberry. When it came to the stouts, I and everyone in my party were disappointed when we found out they had ran out of the Iron Horse Stout. So, the Line-out Stout was put in its place. Unfortunately, it made for a poor substitute. Evidence of that was that most of it was left on the tray when the waiter took it away.

I was very lucky to go to Flossmoor on a Saturday because they have the BEST Saturday special. All their mainstay beer was $2 for a 12oz. Need I say more? Good. Take the train to Flossmoor and check it out for yourselves!

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