NEW VIDEO: Flor de Toloache’s Reimagined Mariachi Tribute to No Doubt

Flor de Toloache has gone and done it again, catching us by surprise with another hit single off their newest album, Indestructible. Before this, we were caught off guard when they announced the single “Quisiera” in which they collaborated with Cultura Profetica and John Legend who did a wonderful job singing en español. بيتواي This time, our faces went into “Whuuuut?!” mode as we pressed play on their newest single, “No Sigas” a beautiful, full-hearted en español re-imagining of No Doubt’s iconic song, “Don’t Speak” which was originally released in April of 1996. لعبة روليت مجانا

This version is giving the song, and us, new life! لعبة بلاك جاك

“No Sigas (Don’t Speak)” was produced by Rafa Sardina in collaboration with Flor de Toloache and this new version maintains the song’s original spirit with the group’s mariachi/pop elements. The video for the single, premiering today, was directed by Horst Dieter Baum and it captures Flor de Toloache’s powerful vocal and musical abilities as they explore New York at night.

Obviously this was recorded before the pandemic, which affected their tour schedule like it did everyone else. But, we’re happy to inform you that Flor de Toloache will be in Chicago later this year for a performance at Sleeping Village on Thursday, November 12.

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