ENGAGE! Let Your Voice Be Heard at the Next Policy Roadmap Meeting in Pilsen

The Cook County Board of Commissioners President Preckwinkle is creating and implementing a Policy Roadmap and is looking for direct input and participation of community in order to “reflect the administration’s core values and vision for fostering safe, thriving and healthy communities.”  This is the first comprehensive policy driven strategic plan for the Offices Under the President (OUP) since the administration’s 2011 transition plan. The next meeting is taking place in Pilsen on Tuesday, April 24 at the National Museum of Mexican Art. The meeting is free but RSVP is required here.

“Please join us so that we may listen to your ideas, feedback, and opportunities for strategic priorities in six key areas: public safety, health and wellness, economic vitality, environment and sustainability, operational excellence and public infrastructure.”

According to the Cook County website, “The final Roadmap will incorporate key policy priorities and strategic initiatives that address public policy challenges facing the residents of the County.”

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