Easter fun for kids!

Hey all of you with kids! SeƱor Easter Bunny will be all over Chicago in a series of events sponsored by the Chicago Parks District. It’s a great opportunity to take the whole family out for fun activities! In addition to egg hunts, every park is hosting events like face painting, arts and craft projects, as well as 1-on-1 pictures with the bunny, provided you bring your camera.

April first, he’ll be in Hale Park starting at 11:30 am ($12 Children/Lunch w/activities – $6 Adults-Lunch), in Homan Square Park at 3:00 pm and on Altgeld Park at 4:00 pm (free)

The second, he’ll be in White (Willye B.) Park at 10:00 am ($4) and on Brands Park also at 10:00 am. (free). At 4:00 pm he’ll be at Piotrowski Park ($3) and at 4:30 pm at the Taylor-Lauridsen Playground Park (free)

On the third, the Bunny will be in the Berger Park Cultural Center at 10:00 am (free) at 11:00 am at the Clarendon Park Community Center (free) also at the Minuteman Park ($5) and also from 11:00 am at Loyola Park (free).

On the fourth, the Easter Bunny will be on board the “Spirit of Chicago Cruise” for brunch. You are invited to celebrate the holiday aboard the Spirit of Chicago with a scrumptious buffet, live DJ, dancing and a two hour festive celebration sailing along the lakefront! The cruise departs at noon. Tickets are $49.90 per adult (Kids age 3-11 1/2 off) you can reserve them online, or call 866.273.2469.

On the fifth, ehe egg-hunt is at the White House. Check out the oh-so-neat and environmentally friendly presidential eggs!

And speaking about eggs, following the egg-hunt of your choice, you can take the whole family to watch chicks being hatched at the “Eggs to Chicks” exhibit hosted by the Kohl Children’s Museum in Glenview.

This exciting exhibit happens every year (this being the eleventh) and will be open to the public until May 10th. With 200 eggs being hatched throughout the exhibit, the chances of seeing a chicken crack an egg and peck his way out into the world are pretty high.

The Kohl Children’s Museum is in partnership with the Garfield Farm Inn and Museum and Heifer International in efforts to help increase the numbers of the rare Black Java and White Java chickens, which were endangered species in the late nineties.

Admission is $7.50 for children and adults; $6.50 for seniors and free for children 1 year and under. Hours: 9:30 a.m.-noon Monday; 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday; noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. Call (847) 832-6600 for more information. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

3 thoughts on “Easter fun for kids!

  1. Nothing (except maybe the Phil the groundhog) screams “Easter” and in the same shout “Spring” louder than the Easter Bunny. The million dollar question is, how did we go from the evangelic bread and wine to increasingly large portions of food in artistic depictions of the Holy Easter Supper, and how did we go from austerity, lent, prayer, reflecting on the life, death and resurrection of the only man ever to perform one, to partying with a giant white rabbit that hides chocolate eggs for children to frolic around in the yard and find, munch on, and repeat?

    Easter is about the last week of J.C. In a nutshell, the savior rides a donkey to town on Sunday; on Monday he stirs a royal fit at the temple (spawned into a market), hangs around town on Tuesday and Wednesday, on Thursday eats the famous supper, gets betrayed, arrested and the Italian mob of the time extends him hell in a hand basket all the way to the next day, eventually merging him with the universe at 3:00 p.m. by means of crucifixion. Saturday nothing happened because it was the sabbath, and Sunday, lo and behold, the first and only resurrection in the story of this crazy place called Earth. No bunnies, no chocolate eggs, nothing that even hints at it. Maybe hand basket?

    It’s a fun egg-shaped chocolate-covered holiday, that’s for sure. The great comedian Bill Hicks, said something on the lines of why would Jesus return to earth (as promised) when people are wearing crosses around their necks? isn’t it a little bit like wearing iceberg earrings to a Titanic memorial? makes me wonder what would Jesus think if he came back and saw we celebrate his birthday with a big fat man on a red suit and a sleigh pulled by deer, and the anniversary of his death with a giant bunny that lays chocolate eggs.

    Just putting it out there.

  2. Someone’s still bitter about not getting any Easter baskets when he was growing up.

    Did you just move to America? News flash: Everything in America is commercialized. People search high and low to find something that’s still sacred. Ranting on a website won’t change anything. Become a preacher or write something that suggests what people CAN do. I know plenty of Christian families who go to church on Easter and spend quality time together–in appreciation and celebration for what they believe in.

    I’m not Christian, but even I can appreciate an Easter egg hunt because the TODDLERS who attend them are too young to understand what Easter means.

    The commercialization of Xmas is a joke. Hallmark should be banned. But you’re barking up the wrong tree. Talk to members of your church and be proactive instead of anonymously writing on some website.

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