Dolor Folktrónico Debut Music & Video for “Mientele” (Sat Oct 20)

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Dembow Darkz: Electronic Bass trio, Dolor Folktrónico, will release debut music video and single “Mientele” on Saturday, October 20 at Subterranean during Xicago UrbanX

Dolor Folktrónico by Jose Calvo

Dolor Folktrónico hit the Chicago music scene in April of this year and blazed through the summer showcasing their unique brand of electronic music at five major Chicago summer festivals including Mole de Mayo, LatinNxt Fest, Michelada Fest, Square Roots Fest, and Wicker Park Fest. Their sound is molded by DJ/producer duo, Los MaraFackas, and incorporates synths, drum machines, and effects to create a backdrop that compliments the vocal flow and message of each song. Frontman, Lester Rey, delivers brutally honest lyrics that tempt listeners to lie, cheat, and sometimes to defy your gods.

Mientele” is a declaration to a reluctant lover to cave to her hidden desire to leave a destructive relationship for another. “I wrote the words from the perspective of a guy who doesn’t want to see the person they love in anymore pain,” Lester states. “If the first steps to leaving a toxic relationship is lying, then dale. One lie can be the start of finding your personal truth.”

Dolor Folktrónico’s music aims to express emotions of angst and hope in much the same way that old school Latin boleros and gruperos do. When asked for their musical inspiration, producers Los MaraFackas point to Grupo Bryndis, Bronco, Pink Floyd, Deftones, and Slipknot to name a few.

“We obviously don’t sound exactly like these guys but it’s what we grew up with,” dicen Los MaraFackas. “Mixing and experimenting with genres seems almost natural when you spend all your life enjoying a huge spectrum of sounds and artists.”

Dolor Folktrónico by Jose Calvo

Dolor Folktrónico is using new instruments to create what they’ve dubbed “musica folktrónica,” a new sound to express the emotions of a new time. Lester’s soulful voice combined with Los MaraFackas electronic synths has become a collaboration that just makes sense.

Their next show is Saturday October 20th at Subterranean, 2011 W. North Ave. in Chicago.

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