Diversity in Latino filmmaking featured at 30th Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival

Celebrating its 30th year promoting Latino films, the Chicago Latino Film Festival has proven time and time again that there is plenty of diversity in Latino filmmaking across the globe. During this year’s festival, which will take place April 3-17 at the AMC River East 21 Theatre (322 E. Illinois Street), 78 feature-length films and 42 shorts will screen during the inclusive two-week event.

The Festival, which is presented by the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago, will also screen 11 films as part of “The Foreign Language Film Oscar: Winners and Nominees from Latin America and Spain” series in collaboration with the Academy of Motion Picture of Arts and Sciences. These 11 films, which include titles such as Spanish director Pedro Almodovar’s Oscar-winning 1999 comedy ‘All About My Mother,’ Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s 2000 drama ‘Amores Perros’ and Argentinean director Juan Jose Campanella’s 2009 Oscar-winning thriller ‘The Secret in Their Eyes,’ will play from April 4-16 at the Gene Siskel Film Center (164 North State Street).

Below is a preview of some of the newest feature films screening at the 30th Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival, which come from all over the world including the countries of Cuba, Spain, Argentina and Peru, among others. For more information on CLFF and for a complete schedule of films and events, visit chicagolatinofilmfestival.org.

ALL FOR ONE | Colombia | 2014 | 90 minutes

In this comedy by director Harold Trompetero, a ladies man attempts to settle down by finding the right woman on an online dating website.

ALL THE WOMEN | Spain | 2013 | 90 minutes

Winner of the Goya Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, director Mariano Barroso tells the story of a veterinarian whose scheme to steal horses from his father-in-law doesn’t go as planned.

BEHAVIOR | Cuba | 2014 | 98 minutes

The education system is exposed in this drama about an 11-year-old student and the teacher who tries to help him when a substitute teacher tries to send him to a reeducation school.

CESAR’S LAST FAST | United States| 2013 | 100 minutes

Constructed around the last hunger strike labor union leader Cesar Chavez undertook during his life to protest the use of pesticides on farms, this emotionally-gripping drama offers more in content than director Diego Luna’s recent feature film release on the social activist.

FATAL SIN | Portugal | 2013 | 90 minutes

A woman is caught in an awkward relationship when she mistakenly sleeps with the roommate of the man she is seeing and ends up falling in love with him.

FOR LOVE IN THE CASERIO | Puerto Rico | 2013 | 106 minutes

Puerto Rican cinema takes a page out of William Shakespeare’s work in this ‘Romeo & Juliet’-inspired story about a young man and woman who fall in love despite being connected to opposing gangs.

THE GOSPEL OF THE FLESH | Peru | 2013 | 110 minutes

Being compared to ‘Amores Perros,’ this drama set in Lima and directed by Eduardo Mendoza de Echave intersects the lives of an undercover cop, bus driver and soccer player.

HEART OF LION | Argentina | 2013 | 108 minutes

Directed by Marcos Carnevale, winner of the Audience Award at the 2011 CLFF for his film ‘Anita,’ this comedy tells the story of Ivana, a tall, beautiful lawyer who falls in love with Leon, an architect who is only 4’5″.

INERTIA | Mexico | 2013 | 100 minutes

A relationship is rekindled when a woman decides to become the caretaker of an ex-boyfriend when she finds out he is ill.

THE LONGEST DISTANCE | Venezuela | 2013 | 113 minutes

A grandmother and her 12-year-old grandson unknowingly travel to the same mountaintop in southeastern Venezuela where they must come to terms with their tragic lives.

TO THE SOUTH OF INNOCENCE | Dominican Republic | 2013 | 88 mintues


This coming-of-age drama by director Hector M. Valdez takes audiences on a road trip with two step siblings who are trying to escape their father’s dark past.

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