Delving deep into Ecuador and the Andes: ZZK adds Aya Music to its label

 ZZK Records,  pioneers of the musical movement that gave us amazing mash-ups of electronica and traditional roots music from South America are preparing to delve deep into the Andes, Amazon, and Pacific coast, mantric, profound and sacred music by launching a new imprint: AYA Records.

ZZK is starting with Ecuador but their vision extends to encompass the entire Latin American continent.

Today, AYA Records officially launches with the signing of three new artists: Mateo KingmanEVHA, and Rio Mira and with “Respira“, a single by Mateo Kingman.

Mateo_Kingman_by_Annia _Olmedo

It’s exciting to see the always taste-making ZZK expand its brand. We are also looking forward to the new discoveries AYA Records will bring our way!

Here’s just a taste of the roots music of Rio Mira, a marimba super group with roots in Cali, Colombia and Esmeraldas, Ecuador :

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