CUCO at Metro Chicago

Words and images by Melissa Regalado

Cuco’s music is a reflection of who the artist truly is.

Launching his North American tour and celebrating his 21st birthday, Cuco performed on June 28th at the Metro Chicago with a sold out show. The event included opening performances by  VICTOR INTERNET, Triathlon and Kaina.

Cuco kicked off the show with one of his most popular songs, Sunnyside, welcoming the crowd with his dreamy, trippy-feeling music. The set list throughout the show was incredible because it featured some of Cuco’s older songs plus three new singles.

Some of the classic songs he performed, like Lover is a Day, Neon Baby, and Lo que siento, really resonated with the many Chicanos in the audience who look up to him as an inspiration. And, there were so many Spanish-speaking fans who embraced their language with the song Amor de siempre, which is all in español. The band on stage included Esai (aka Chicano God) on bass and drummer Julian and they killed it! They all really connected with the crowd while showing off their best.

For me, seeing Cuco in person celebrating his 21st birthday on stage, with a surprise birthday cake included, was the best experience ever and totally worth it. The Cuco concert experience supports the reason why he is labeled a Chicano heartthrob. 

Cuco’s music is a reflection of who the artist truly is. His new album, Para Mi, is set to be released on July 26.  

Melissa Regalado is a young creator who uses radio, journalism and painting as her medium of expression. She has been part of Yollocalli Arts Reach since 2018 joining the audio, radio and journalism program, “Your Story, Your Way!” and the “Street Art” Class. She is part of the Social Justice News Nexus Fellowship in Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

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