Craft Beer Comes to Logan Square

Revolution Brewing, located in Logan Square, off the Blue Line California stop, is a craft beer-lover and foodie destination. Open only a little over a month, the restaurant/bar still has that new business smell. The large windows and beautiful woodwork lend themselves well to sun-bathing and people-watching. The wrap-around bar allows for more seating near the taps, and a good view of the restaurant. Friendly patrons and very few televisions make for a conversation-inducing atmosphere.

Revolution offers six of their own beers available on tap and another on hand-pull. For those new to the craft beer scene, stick to the low to moderate ABV beers (Working Man Mild and Cross of Gold). These are easy drinking, session beers. The higher ABV, more complex beer (Willie Wee Heavy Scottish Ale, Black Power Oatmeal Stout, and the Anti-Hero IPA), is well suited for those with distinguishing palates. Not sure what you like? The bar offers $2 samples upon request. Guest beers are also a large presence at the brewery. Some are on tap, but most (over 60) are available in bottles. There is also a variety of whisky, bourbons, and other hard-liquors.

The food offerings lean to the artisanal. Revolution bakes its own bread, cures its own sausages and meats, and offers an assortment of American cheeses. Meat and veggie-lovers alike will find appetizers, meals, and pizzas to suit their tastes. For patrons with an inclination toward specialized ingredients, Revolution has managed to put a gourmet spin on pub favorites. The Duck Confit pizza is topped with (besides tasty pieces of duck) gorgonzola, pistachios, fresh rosemary, thinly sliced red onion, and a light tomato sauce. The 10oz burgers can be topped with anything from cremni mushrooms to pulled pork (yeah, that’s right, meat on top of more meat). The entrees, though a bit pricier, make for great dinner options. The bartenders and waitstaff are accommodating, willing to answer questions, and make suggestions.

Revolution has something to offer everyone and is a great addition to the Chicago craft beer scene. Information on menus, growlers, merchandise, and about how Revolution Brewing began can be found at

2 thoughts on “Craft Beer Comes to Logan Square

  1. Wow! I live so close to that and I never even noticed. I’m happy to be able to check something new out. Thanks for the info.

  2. Wow! I live so close to that and I never even noticed. I’m happy to be able to check something new out. Thanks for the info.

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