Coastcity and Domino Saints To Perform at Martyrs’ on Feb 29

Grammy-nominated artist-production duo Coastcity and Puerto Rican urban pop duo Domino Saints will perform in Chicago on February 29 taking the stage at Martyrs’. Find tickets here.

COASTCITY have created their own musical lane, both lyrically and through a fresh and innovative sound, they gave rise to a new genre coining the term “soul caribeño” (Caribbean soul) to describe their music. +10 Million streams to date, major media placements and opening up for major artists, the duo is poised for success. They recently released their 2nd EP ‘1190’ that includes features from FuegoMozart La Para, & Cierra Ramirez. Behind the scenes, the duo have worked with artists such as: Beyoncé, Shakira, J Balvin, Marc Anthony and Luis Fonsi to name a few.

Sensuality, adrenaline and high energy. This is the best way to define Domino Saints, the Puerto Rican urban pop duo formed by Gigi and David, whose fresh and modern sound is has taken an important place in today’s Latin music as both musical and fashion trend setters, always innovating musical styles within the Urban genre and pioneering new looks in the Latin music world. Their concept, like Domino’s and Saints, represents all of Caribbean culture and their music takes their urban reggaetón and dancehall sound to a global level made for international audiences, not just Spanish speakers. They recently released “A La Buena”, a single from forthcoming album ‘Island Kings’.