Chicago Summer Sounds 2016 – Ilene Palacios

Ok so, technically, it’s already autumn, but we’re sharing summer song playlists curated by random Chicagoans!

These lovely people are sharing what Chicago in the summer sounds like to them. Today we feature Ilene Palacios!


Ilene is a contributing editor of Gozamos, co-manager of Cultura in Pilsen and organizer for Vives Q. She has been spending the summer avoiding real life at concerts, Ruido Fest, Chicago Open Air and Lollapalooza; accidentally seeing Carla Morrison and Enjambre for free in the Mexico City zócalo; imagining a more beautiful and just world; and growing her hair out for winter.

This summer playlist includes some of the artists she saw in concert this summer and throws in some new and old favorites.

  1. “Eanan (feat. Maxida Marak)” – A Tribe Called Red
  2. “Kiss It Better” – Rihanna
  3. “9” – Drake
  4. “Char” – Crystal Castles
  5. “Mátale” – Mala Rodriguez
  6. “Pink Matter (feat. Andre 3000)” – Frank Ocean
  7. “No Diggity (feat. Dr. Dre & Queen Pen)” – Blackstreet
  8. “No Problem” – Chance the Rapper
  9. “The Greatest” – KING
  10. “Veridis Quo” – Daft Punk
  11. “House on Fire” – Sia
  12. “Visita” – Enjambre
  13. “Shut Up and Kiss Me” – Angel Olsen
  14. “No Aloha” – The Breeders
  15. “Ceremony” – New Order
  16. “Don’t Mind Me (feat. Whoarei)” – Nosaj Thing
  17. “Hands Up” – Blood Orange
  18. “Moonrise Kingdom” – Angel Haze
  19. “Kids” – Kyle Dixon (Soundtrack for Stranger Things)
  20. “No Vuelvo Jamás” – Carla Morrison
  21. “Vámonos Negrito” – Natalia Lafourcade
  22. “Vengo” – La Santa Cecilia
  23. “Essa Quer Me Matar” – Rei Heider
  24. “One Dance”* – Drake (feat. WizKid & Kyla)
  25. “Sisters (feat. Norther Voice)” – A Tribe Called Red
  26. “Don’t Stop The Rock” – Freestyle

*This playlist was almost going to be “One Dance” 15 times in a row, but that probably would have been too obnoxious.

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