Chicago Summer Sounds 2016 – Edwin Days

We’re sharing summer song playlists curated by random Chicagoans! These lovely people are sharing what Chicago in the summer sounds like to them and today we feature artist Edwin Days!


Edwin Days is a Chicago-based artist who manifests his art through writing, music and dance. He channels “amorphous poetry, the abstract, raw dance and semi-monotone vocals in an electronic based sound mode.” Introspection and non-conformity are consistent themes throughout his work. His playlist is all videos. 

“This summer has been kind of chill for me. Been working on music, as you already know shot a couple of videos and been entertaining a lot at home, which I love to do. I am very visual and love to not just listen to music but also have visuals to go along with the songs. The following list are the songs that I have played non-stop and have obsessed with musically and visually during this summer.”

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