Chicago Latino Film Festival Review: “Pepo Pa’l Senado” is hilarious…in the beginning

The 33rd annual Chicago Latino Film Festival will run April 20 through May 4, with most screenings taking place at AMC River East theater in downtown Chicago.  Tickets per film and ‘Film Passports‘ are available for purchase at the CLFF website. Be sure to check out the CLFF website and the festival’s social media for further and up to date information!

Pepo Pa’l Senado (Vote for Pepo)

123 min. Comedy – Puerto Rico

Pepo Pa’l Senado (Vote for Pepo) [Raúl García, 123 minutes] is a jaunty political satire that offers a comedic escape from contemporary political anxieties. Pepo González (René Monclova), a charming layabout, finds himself in the familiar position of being out of a job. Meanwhile, Estela (Marian Pabon), a political maven, quits her job as a top aid for a sexist and corrupt senator whom she helped get elected. Pepo needs a new job and Estela needs a plain and inexperienced candidate to prove herself and defeat her former boss in the next election. With the help of a choreographed musical number Pepo and Estela find each other and hijinks ensue. اربح المال

“The full ensemble of actors in Pepo Pa’l Senado deserve recognition for their performances.”

The delightfully campy film delivers off-color humor, double entendres, and tongue-in-cheek wit just as well (or better) than any of the best syndicated Latin American sketch comedy television shows. The full ensemble of actors in Pepo Pa’l Senado deserve recognition for their performances. Many different players throughout the film expertly set up and deliver their own punchlines. Most of the funniest exchanges of dialogue happen opposite the film’s lead René Monclova. Monclova seems to have chemistry with every actor with which he shares a scene. استراتيجية الروليت The comedy of Pepo Pa’l Senado is at times overt and others understated. Maria Pabon as Estela is the second lead and exhibits uncanny comedic timing. Some of the best and most memorable lines are provided by Pedro Juan Texidor (Don Fruto) in a supporting role as Pepo’s father-in-law. The performances of Pepo Pa’l Senado are clearly well served by the material. The writing is excellent. Although a basic understanding of Puerto Rican politics helps some of the jokes land more squarely the humor still resonates for those unfamiliar with the particulars of the islands social issues (high unemployment, corrupt politicians).

“Pepo Pa’l Senado [will] generate guttural laughs out loud at least every sixty seconds.”

The first 65 minutes of Pepo Pa’l Senado are certain to generate guttural laughs out loud at least every sixty seconds. The last 50 minutes of the film are less consistent but the plot advances with reasonable pace and drives us to a climactic ending. This film is certainly a comedic gem that reminds us that our funniest and most outgoing friends and family are probably the Puerto Rican ones. The film is rated R for language. العاب للربح من الانترنت


Pepo Pa’l Senado

AMC River East 21
322 E. Illinois
Chicago, IL

  • April 21, 2017 6:15 pm
  • April 22, 2017 5:45 pm
  • April 23, 2017 5:15 pm

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Pepo Pa’l Senado/Vote for Pepo 123 min., Comedy – Puerto Rico, Dir. by Raúl García
SUNDAY, APRIL 23 – 2:00 PM
3000 N. Elbridge Ave.
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