Rebel Díaz’s Rodrigo Starz Releases Rahm Diss Track “#CROOK”

Chicagoans calling for Rahm’s resignation now have their own theme song, thanks to Rodrigo Starz of Rebel Díaz. “#CROOK” is a lyrical index of Rahm’s most notorious actions, from delaying justice for Laquan McDonald to ordering one of the largest mass school closings in the U.S. to shutting down mental health clinics in the poorest of neighborhoods.

It don’t take 400 days to see these murderous ways
That’s what it takes to cover up what really happened that day
We only saw the video cuz somebody took it to court
Cuz somebody realized that y’all killin us for sport
…You seen that video ! That’s why the city wrote that check
u closin up the clinics closin up the schools
Then U try to blame us when these kids actin a fool
That’s 5.2 millions of reasons for you to hold me back
I’m from the wrong side of the tracks
Where the people fight back!
…I see the crook in you! You committed a crime!
The crook in you! Rahm its time to resign!

You can download #CROOK now for free.