Bookworm: True Crime Reads

This month, Gozamos’ bookworm recommends delving into the sharply scary, endlessly fascinating true crime genre. There’s nothing more satisfying than a little (or a lot) of justice in a finale.

The Man Who Killed Boys is the story of John Wayne Gacy, Jr. written by Clifford L. Linedecker is definitely  a page turner. This book, like most other true crime books, is not for the weak of stomach. Getting into the raw details of how Gacy trapped his victims, brutally murdered them and then buried them in crawl spaces and under floor boards in his house where he lived with the smell of their rotting corpses. لعبة الروليت في الكازينو Even if you know the story, this book gives you complete details of Gacy’s life. تعلم القمار It follows his terrifying arc: how he went from a clown that entertained children at birthday parties in a quiet Chicago suburb to the notorious mass murderer who buried over 30 bodies. John Wayn Gacy was a disturbed individual and this book takes you inside his very sick world.

Under The Bridge by Rebecca Godfrey is a heartbreaking story about the cruelty of the young. Reena Virk was your typical teenage girl just trying to make it through high school and not have an embarrassing moment, maybe even get noticed by boys she had  crushes on. Sadly, her life was halted and put to an end by fellow classmates who were jealous and maybe even threatened by the unique Indian beauty.  This book tells all the details of the one night that changed the lives of everyone who knew Reena Virk. Sad and eye opening, Under The Bridge lets you know how serious bullying can be and how seriously it should be taken.

If I Can’t Have You, No One Can by Don Lasseter is a book about the wrong kind of love and just how dangerous it can be. Sarah was a lovely, twenty year old girl. Clever and well loved by her friends, Sarah had a strong moral center and always did the right thing, until she made a mistake and cheated on her boyfriend. But getting her boyfriend to forgive her was the least of her problems. 1xbet موقع Her brief fling became a stalker who’s threats Sarah took seriously. Sadly, no one else did and Sarah’s last words were to her journal expressing her fear and loneliness. This book opens up your heart and mind to someone seeking forgiveness and help. It opens your eyes to the signs and seriousness of abusive relationships. This book will defiantly break your heart.