Book Club: Cuba and the Night

Lolas and Lalos,

Renown travel writer Pico Iyer now gives us a novel whose central character is another place:  the melancholy, ebullient, and dazzlingly inconsistent island that is Castro’s Cuba.  The title of the book comes from a line of Jose Marti’s “Two fatherlands I have, Cuba and the night.”  Iyer narrates a story that so intricately weaves the Cuban political climate, the resilience of a people and other unexpected things that happen in the night.  It begins with “I think I’ll always remember the first time I saw him…”  One of my favorite lines so far is, “the girls looked so gorgeous I figured they weren’t girls at all.  Look for the Adam’s apple, I told myself, and remember why it’s called that.”  This passage beautifully illustrates the desperation Richard encounters, and I feel like there are already so many things to talk about.

Book: Cuba and the Night by Pico Iyer
Date: August  7, 2010
Time: 7:00pm
Meeting Place: Café Con Leche
1732 North Milwaukee Avenue (at Wabansia)
Chicago, IL  60647
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We are taking the book club on the road this month, and will be meeting at Cafe Con Leche. Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can accommodate everyone!  Cafe Con Leche is BYOB, and there is a liquor store right across the street, in case you want to really get into the mood!

We want to welcome as many people as possible to join in the fun, and would like your help in selecting the next list of titles. bet365 sports We have comprised a list of promising literary adventures and would like your input to help condense our list of nine books to five.

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