PREMIERE: Atropolis & Los Rakas In Harmony for Positivity with “Gozala”

“Armonia para el mundo, alegria pa’ tu mente, escucheme ahora mismo, un mensaje pa’ mi gente.”

More than ever, especially through the chaos of turbulent times, we seek those things that provide a sense of reassurance, a sense of calm and most especially hope. Musically, that is what Atropolis has done in his new track “Gozala” featuring Los Rakas. Together, this song offers respite from the chaos as they sing “Gozala, la vida (enjoy the life), armonía para el mundo (harmony for the world), alegria por tu mente (happiness for the mind).” Take a listen to the song below and be on the lookout for Time of Sine, Atropolis’ new album via Wonderwheel Recordings.


“Atropolis has spent the past decade teaching music production, releasing music, studying and working with sounds ranging from his own Greek-Cypriot heritage to other diverse musical cultures in Colombia, India, Mexico, Ghana and South Africa. With a degree in music composition and ethnomusicology, Atropolis is Adam’s alter ego that explores international styles of music fused with a diverse range of contemporary electronic genres.

Growing up, Adam’s after school jazz program at Queens College greatly influenced his improvisational, compositional, and rhythmic approach to music production. His instructors at Queens College introduced a focused study on Thelonious Monk’s repertoire, which still resonates throughout Adam’s approach to playing his primary instrument, the piano. Parallel to these teenage musical moments, Adam was introduced to composition using Sibelius, and Digital Performer, where Atropolis got his first chops in music production using digital audio workstations.”