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An Unconventionally Classic Christmas Top 10

Christmas time is just around the canada's 1 pharmacy corner. And while we all know and love A Christmas Carol, It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Charlie Brown’s Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street, here are   ten “un-Christmas” Christmas time movies to watch with This is the third time I have ordered from the shop & I would recommend them to anyone, buy levitra line. Our ultimate goal is to provide safe generic drugs at the most competitive price. the family after that holiday meal. Although these films may not have all the Yule time cheer, they are indeed centered on Christmas time and classically entertaining.

10. Gremlins
I still crack a little smile at the sound of Gizmo crying out “bright light, bright light.” This movie is one of the all time horror/ comedic classics. Is there pharmacy levitra anything better than watching The Gremlins reek havoc in a small town? Timeless moments all over this movie, I never forget the Gremlins singing to Snow White.

9. American Psycho
This one is a little strange cialis 40mg to put on any list. The movie does take place during Christmas time though. The sick sadistic world of Patrick Bateman is quite comforting to watch after a good Christmas dinner. If you like graphic sex and violence with a family gathering, then pop this baby in your DVD or Blu-Ray.

8. Home Alone
You know you still love Home Alone. No one can possibly be that jaded.

7. The Long Kiss Goodnight
One deliciously wonderful non-stop action film, with over the top characters. Samuel L Jackson will keep you cracking up throughout this gem. Wise cracks and explosions, if only the real Christmas was like this.

6. Batman Returns
Who can say no to a good super hero film. You should never say no to a Tim Burton film. The saddest part of the film that still gets me is when the penguin dies. As he collapses a group of penguins carry him off to his watery grave. All his life he was looked at as a freak and not accepted, the only beings that accepted him in life took him in with love toward his last swim. Not until Batman Begins would we see another good Batman film.

5. Die Hard
Let’s get serious here. Watching John McClane walk barefoot over glass is a must for Christmas. Welcome to the party pal indeed. I honestly couldn’t call it Christmas without watching Bruce Willis pull out a gun that was taped to his back. Watch the bullets and one-liners fly this Holiday, I’m sure you’ll find it on TBS or something.

4. Edward Scissor Hands
Intriguing and heart breaking, One of Tim Burton’s most touching and enigmatic films. Watching the suburbanites picture perfect vision of Christmas ruined by an artificial misfit will touch the heart of any outcast. The movie holds historic merit as well, being Vincent Price’s final role.

3. Bad Santa
Other than Sling blade this has to be one of Billy Bob Thornton’s defining roles. I know he’s not exactly portraying an academy award winning character, but a drunken Santa who blurts out curse words on the regular is refreshing. Underneath the comedic swearing is actually a movie with heart. This has always been my favorite holiday movie, truly our generation’s Miracle on 34th St.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
A classic dark Christmas story that still remains fresh even by today’s standards. I remember being a kid watching this movie in theaters. My eyes split open like a fat man’s pants while Jack Skellington sang, “What’s this?” A classic for all ages, truly one of a kind.

1. Scrooged
Three words: Bill F’n Murray! Bill Murray could take a dump on the sidewalk and I would watch it for 101 minutes. This is gruly a Christmas classic, and Bill Murray is always a delight to watch. Scrooged is a modern comedic version of A Christmas Carol. If you haven’t already seen this film then damn it, start trolling cable.  Although Bill Murray hasn’t won an Academy Award, with every film he always manages to win our hearts.

What are your favorite non-traditional holiday movies? Share with us!

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