A Tribe Called Red: Halluci Nation in Chicago

Legends forged in the spirit of their ancestors, the indigenous Canadian DJ crew, best known as A Tribe Called Red, brings the electric power of the Halluci Nation to Chicago’s Chop Shop in a React Presents event on November 4.

ATCR has been described as the musical gateway into urban, contemporary indigenous culture. Their production is heavily marked by the native beats and chants engraved into their bloodline for over 500 years. Fuse that with the influences of modern-day takes on hip-hop and electronic music and you get the musical revolution that is ATCR

Driven today by the duo of Bear Witness and 200lman, the group has had the pleasure of performing at multiple festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo, recording with artists such as Mos Def and Lido Pimienta, and working with renowned native musicians like Black Bear and Tanya Tagaq. They are part of a new cohort of artists making a cultural stand in defense of aboriginal rights in Canada. ATCR’s dedication to their music and their mission has garnered them a Juno Award (Canada’s Grammy’s), two Polaris Music awards, a Ted Talk presentation, and a multitude of performances around the globe.

On the heels of their Rez Tour 2018 throughout Ontario, A Tribe Called Red makes this last US stop in Chicago before returning for more dates in Canada. For additional info visit www.atribecalledred.com or their Facebook at www.facebook.com/atribecalledred.