A Look at Brazil, Guatemala, México, Paraguay and Venezuela (Chicago Latino Film Festival 2018)

More than 20 countries are being showcased at this year’s Chicago Latino Film Festival. Taking place from April 6 through the 19 at the AMC River East 21 Theatres (322 E. Illinois St.), there is a lot to see that we’ve decided to give you a small heads up on what caught our attention. كيفيه لعب البوكر This group of recommendations includes films from Brazil, Guatemala, México, Paraguay and Venezuela.

There is so much more and the CLFF website has an easy to follow drop-down menu feature that allows you to quickly search for any of this year’s selections by country, genre, language and so on.

The full festival schedule is available here.

34th CLFF Poster Contest Winner: Jorge Pomareda


Querida Mamãe
Feature. Directed by Jeremias Moreira
SHOWING: April 15 + 17 (details)

This film is based on the play Dear Mom by Maria Adelaida Amaral which takes a look at the complexity of a mother-daughter relationship, especially when one is diagnosed with cancer while the other finds unexpected love.

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Los Gigantes No Existen
Feature. Directed by Chema Rodriguez
SHOWING: April 14 + 16 (details)

Based on a true story set during the civil war in Guatemala in the 80s, the film tells the story of the young Jesús Tecú Osorio, whose village is obliterated and he ends up living with the people who killed his family.

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Feature. Directed by Issa López
SHOWING: April 6 + 8 (details)

We veered to this one based on the recommendation of one Mr. Stephen King and one Mr. Guillermo del Toro, modern horror masterminds, and they didn’t steer us wrong. موقع المراهنات العالمي The film has many disturbing parallels to those “forgotten” in secluded and isolated poor neighborhoods across the US. It’s shocking yet not unfamiliar. Must watch!

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Los Buscadores
Feature. Directed by Juan Carlos Maneglia & Tana Schembori
SHOWING: April 7 + 10  (details)

A young paper delivery man is gifted a vintage book by his sick grandfather. In it, he finds clues to a possible treasure hidden in an embassy. It’s not too long before others find out and things take a greedy turn.

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Feature. Directed by John Petrizzelli
SHOWING: April 14 + 16 (details)

When drag queen Bárbara is let go of their nightclub job, they steal a briefcase and leave town in search of a better life. On the way, Sixto – with a complicated story of his own – joins Barbara’s journey, and both soon find themselves on the run. العاب على الهاتف The beautiful visuals pay tribute to the classic novel, Doña Bárbara, by Rómulo Gallegos.

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